Anonymous sent: Wait Amber! You're English right? Did you got get your ORAS demo today!?

Oh! Yeah, I got it! ouo/

I’ve just not touched it, haha. I’m probably not gonna play it till the 21st when the US get it so I can play along side Chai and everyone else xD

Some birthday art for the dork UuU <33
He had a new drawing every hour since waking up, hehehe~ 
Obviously there are some missing cus they are for his eyes only~ 

shellyshockz sent: Now you know how I feel whenever you and chai draw thing together and act adorable as FRICK


Fine, I’ll draw another adorable fricken couple instead :U <3

Anonymous sent: If the Fox goes yiff , the Reindeer goes euaghjbcvs, then what does the Lemur say ?


votbear sent: Has Chai started making the dad jokes yet


jes-the-dragon sent: oh I just got a good question! which one is the strongest of the group?

Pirates are pretty tough UuU~ 

FEAR OUR FAMILY \oOo/!_______________________________________________I&#8217;ve done nothing but draw the baby today, haha But all other doodles are on my Patreon~

I’ve done nothing but draw the baby today, haha 
But all other doodles are on my Patreon~


Do you ever just love someone so much that all you want to do is tell them and make them smile all the time and give the world to them and hold onto them and kiss their face but also maybe other than their face and just every thought about them makes your whole body vibrate with glee and you just keep jumping in your seat because they’re all you can think about and you just want to cry because what did you do to deserve the world in the form of such a perfect and beautiful person

Anonymous sent: that other anon is wrong, I'm pretty sure they're both guys


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