Anonymous sent: Wait Amber! You're English right? Did you got get your ORAS demo today!?

Oh! Yeah, I got it! ouo/

I’ve just not touched it, haha. I’m probably not gonna play it till the 21st when the US get it so I can play along side Chai and everyone else xD

shellyshockz sent: Now you know how I feel whenever you and chai draw thing together and act adorable as FRICK


Fine, I’ll draw another adorable fricken couple instead :U <3

Anonymous sent: If the Fox goes yiff , the Reindeer goes euaghjbcvs, then what does the Lemur say ?


votbear sent: Has Chai started making the dad jokes yet


jes-the-dragon sent: oh I just got a good question! which one is the strongest of the group?

Pirates are pretty tough UuU~ 

Anonymous sent: that other anon is wrong, I'm pretty sure they're both guys


Anonymous sent: I'm a new-ish follower, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but are you and Chai a long distance couple? Or do you live near each other? Also, your art is adorable and I love it :3

Hey Anon! We are, hehe 
We don’t live near each other, no. We actually live around 4,000 miles away ;u;
But we’re both working hard so we can both be together 
And you have no idea how happy I will be when my return ticket turns into a one way ticket /)/u\(\

Also thank you ~<3

Anonymous sent: Hey. Um. Do you take commissions? I really want my fursona dressed up all cute and snugly like you do yours.

I do but you see Anon I cant talk commissions to you if you’re hiding image
It also works better if you send me a message over on my FA cus I can keep track of things much better there. And Sometimes tumblr doesn’t send messages;; 
If you don’t have one tho, that’s okay too. Just send messages via fanmail 
As links can be sent that way~ 

Anonymous sent: i saw you made a bunch of icons for larry the tiger, are you open to commissions of them?

My commissions are always OPEN  image
There’s a tab on the side of my page with ”COMMISSION INFO” 
All prices can be found there. The ‘icons’ are expression sheets~ 

Anonymous sent: Hey, totally late to the party, but out of curiosity. Are the two adorable fluff characters that I think are dating(?) (they have a baby I think) both male? Owo I'm so lost